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Dental Hygiene Advice

At Beaufort Park Dental Surgery, our aim is to prevent dental disease rather than treat it at a later date. This means you will need less treatment over time, incur less expense and will maintain a pain-free, healthy, happy smile.

Dental hygiene is vital in maintaining a healthy mouth. It involves making sure that dental plaque, a soft sticky substance mostly made up of bacteria, is removed from your teeth every day. If left, the bacteria in the plaque can cause decay, bad breath and gum disease. In addition, tartar or calculus is formed from hardened plaque, helps more plaque to form, making it harder to remove when you brush.

Decay happens when sugars in food and drinks react with the bacteria in plaque, forming acids. Every time you eat or drink anything containing sugars, the bacteria reacts with it to form acid. These acids attack the teeth and start to dissolve the enamel eventually causing a cavity.

We can help treat any existing dental health issues but more importantly give you the advice and techniques to prevent problems from happening in the future.

Cleaning away the plaque regularly from in between the teeth is one of the most important ways of maintaining tooth and gum health. Our highly trained Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist are specialists in oral health and will be able to give personal advice and show oral hygiene techniques suitable for your mouth.

Hygiene techniques:

Gum Disease

Periodontitis, the scientific name for Gum Disease, is a chronic infection of the tissues that support your teeth – the jawbone and the gums. It is established throughout the years and is usually associated with bad breath, bleeding gums, mild to severe discomfort and teeth that present mobility and unpleasant appearance. If left untreated it will ultimately lead to bone and tooth loss.

What causes it?

Mainly, insufficient oral hygiene. There are several risk factors that can make you more susceptible to this disease, such as inadequate restorations (bridges, fillings, dentures), genetics, smoking, diabetes and systemic diseases that weaken your immune system.

How to treat gum disease?

Periodontitis is irreversible, but it can definitively be arrested and its symptoms can be reversed. This is achieved by adjusting oral hygiene techniques, replacing inadequate restorations and localized antibiotic therapy. In extreme cases, simple surgical procedures are crucial to improve significantly the gum condition. After the periodontal condition is stabilised, it is advisable to restore the eventual teeth gaps, preferable with implants. Keep an immaculate oral hygiene and coming to regular check ups is then essential. Our highly trained hygienist can help keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible and give expert advice on how best to care for them on a day-to-day basis.

The role of the Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist »


“Invisalign – Light. Crooked front teeth that had started to become more noticeable. This, in turn, started to affect my confidence.

The experience at Beaufort Park was excellent throughout. The staff, from the initial consultation, were friendly and professional. The welcoming reception staff through to the excellent dentist (Russell Gidney) have made this an (almost!) pleasurable experience!

I feel so much more confident and happy to smile again in public.

Quintin Bell

“I hated my smile in photos, I looked as though I only had about 4 teeth! 🙁

Treatments have all been explained, the team have been great & I have started to notice my teeth changing & looking good – despite not even being half way through my treatment (Invisalign Aligner 11/23). I am so happy with the progress.

Thank you! 🙂

Super, I would recommend to anyone considering treatment.

Rachel C

“After years of being unhappy with my crooked teeth and avoiding photographers if at all possible.

I decided to seek corrective treatment at the grand old age of 55 in order to be able to smile at my daughters up coming wedding. After a chat with the Beaufort Dental practice I decided on a course of CFast treatment. In a few short months I was thrilled with the result. Straight teeth which were so much easier to care for and which looked 100 per cent more attractive

The cost was manageable too and I paid at intervals during the treatment. I wish I’d done it years ago.


“I did not like my teeth so didn’t smile.

Invisalign – absolutely brilliant! Very professional team, extremely happy with the results!”

Lisa G

“Even though my oral hygiene has always been excellent I have for many years hated my teeth which were discoloured + the crowns rather mismatched.

Dr Russell Gidney was the first dentist I had confidence in to correct my problems. He showed great empathy, kindness + professional skill. He made me feel completely at ease.

His dental nurses + admin staff are all lovely. The outcome is better than I expected, I now have a lovely smile!”

Pamela C

“I recently had cosmetic work on my teeth carried out by Russell at the surgery. he explained everything in detail and I am overjoyed with the results. The difference it has made is amazing and I thoroughly recommend them. The staff are very helpful too!”

Gaynor M

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