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Case: Internal Bleach & Composite

Treatment Summary

This lady, in her 30’s, wanted a cosmetic improvement for the UL1.

This tooth had been previously traumatised and fractured… then root filled and had a composite tip placed. The tooth has two separate cosmetic issues. Firstly that the composite filling tip is not ideal. This is partly down to the age of the restoration and partly that it has been placed as a block shade of restoration. Also the non-vital tooth has discoloured after the trauma.

As well as the cosmetic issues you can see, x-rays showed that the root filling was deficient and not suitable to allow further treatment on this tooth.

Initially this lady was seen by Cameron Currie to provide a re-treatment root canal filling. Once this was completed Russell Gidney was then able to internally whiten the tooth to improve the shade of the residual tooth tissue then place a composite filling, using layering of multiple shades to produce a more natural result.

An alternative option would have been to have placed crowns or veneers on this tooth. Both these options would have still required the root filling to be corrected first. They would have meant removal of some or all of the remaining tooth tissue and the cosmetic result would probably not have been so good.

Treating Dentist – Russell Gidney, Cameron Currie

Case Categories:
Composite FillingsInternal Whitening

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“Invisalign – Light. Crooked front teeth that had started to become more noticeable. This, in turn, started to affect my confidence.

The experience at Beaufort Park was excellent throughout. The staff, from the initial consultation, were friendly and professional. The welcoming reception staff through to the excellent dentist (Russell Gidney) have made this an (almost!) pleasurable experience!

I feel so much more confident and happy to smile again in public.

Quintin Bell

“I hated my smile in photos, I looked as though I only had about 4 teeth! 🙁

Treatments have all been explained, the team have been great & I have started to notice my teeth changing & looking good – despite not even being half way through my treatment (Invisalign Aligner 11/23). I am so happy with the progress.

Thank you! 🙂

Super, I would recommend to anyone considering treatment.

Rachel C

“After years of being unhappy with my crooked teeth and avoiding photographers if at all possible.

I decided to seek corrective treatment at the grand old age of 55 in order to be able to smile at my daughters up coming wedding. After a chat with the Beaufort Dental practice I decided on a course of CFast treatment. In a few short months I was thrilled with the result. Straight teeth which were so much easier to care for and which looked 100 per cent more attractive

The cost was manageable too and I paid at intervals during the treatment. I wish I’d done it years ago.


“I did not like my teeth so didn’t smile.

Invisalign – absolutely brilliant! Very professional team, extremely happy with the results!”

Lisa G

“Even though my oral hygiene has always been excellent I have for many years hated my teeth which were discoloured + the crowns rather mismatched.

Dr Russell Gidney was the first dentist I had confidence in to correct my problems. He showed great empathy, kindness + professional skill. He made me feel completely at ease.

His dental nurses + admin staff are all lovely. The outcome is better than I expected, I now have a lovely smile!”

Pamela C

“I recently had cosmetic work on my teeth carried out by Russell at the surgery. he explained everything in detail and I am overjoyed with the results. The difference it has made is amazing and I thoroughly recommend them. The staff are very helpful too!”

Gaynor M

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